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Maroochydore Siamese & Orientals

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Maroochydore have no kittens available at the moment.

Some past Maroochydore Babies

Shadowsquad Cooranga & babies

Mummy Noosa & babies 3 days old.


Proud Dad Maroochydore Fairdinkum or Tasmania to us!!!!


A neat heap of babies.......3 weeks old.

Siamese baby

Siamese baby 3 weeks old.

Oriental Black-Tortie girl

Oriental Black Tortie Girls
Oriental Black Torties
aged 9 weeks

All our babies are GCCF registered, vaccinated, wormed, insured and have a full pedigree and 'goodie bag'. They are ready to go to their new parents at 13 weeks of age. Please contact us either e.mail or telephone 0117 9397300
for further details.